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About us

About us

In ancient times, shamans, priests and healers used crystals and stones for protection and healing.

Their power and beauty have a proven powerful effect on many of the people that come in contact with them.

Crystals are chunks of pure energy that sparkle and call out to you. Their power can lift your spirits, heal your body, and naturally attract to and open chakras.

Crystals can clear auras, help you learn, repulse electromagnetic emissions, improve memory and much more.

Micha Trav and his partner Shai Shalom Nissim, at Nature Art Gallery want to share their love of stones with you.

Through nearly twenty years of combined travel and experience living in the Orient, Micha and Shai developed a deep appreciation and knowledge of the world of crystals.

Micha travelled to India, where he first began to work with stones to make jewelry while living in Goa and leading a more spiritual and healthy lifestyle. He later found Koh Samui to be the ideal place to live and share his wonderful jewelry due to the special energy of the place and the creative atmosphere of an island with natural crystal sources.

Shai worked with predominantly silver jewelry in Japan for seven years and in that time taught himself how to make jewelry to balance the chakras. He later studied massage, alternative medicine and energy work, giving him a more complete outlet for his work with crystals and precious stones.

As a team, Micha and Shai bring an extensive love and understanding of the power of crystals and aim to share that with the public by educating people about the properties of stones and crystals and creating unique jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also highly healing in nature.

There are already three locations of the Nature Art Gallery in Thailand, one in Haad Rin on Koh Pha Ngan, one on Chaweng Beach road and one in Bophut on Fishermans Village Walking Street.

There will more stores to come elsewhere in the near future. All three shops sell unique jewelry made of gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones as well as a selection of hand-made jewelry.

Welcome to the mysterious and magical world of stones.

Come and let the stone choose you.